Multi Authors جميع الكتب مسموع

Multi Authors جميع الكتب مسموع مجانا

Foundamental of e-Business and e-Commerce

In this book When people hear e-business, they generally think selling over the Web. e-Business is not about the technology, which consists o. . .  f the buying and selling of products or services over electronic sy...

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Human & Economic : Conditions of Palestinians in WEST BANK & GAZA 1998-2002

Section I: Human & Economic Conditions (1998-1999) Chapter. 1: Economy in Palestine West Bank & Gaza Strip Chapter. 2: Labor Market. . .   in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Chapter. 3: Health in Palestine Cap...

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كتاب الأنواع

Multi Authors جميع الكتب تنزيل الكتب الصوتية

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